Tips to Aoid Solid Floor Cracking in Winter

So annoy the solid wood floor got cracked in winter due to the hard acclimate, you know there is cold and dry and sometimes so windy in winter season. people may think the floor quality problem or wrong installation make floor cracking, Actually, most of time the floor problem is caused by wrong maintenance after installation. So it is very important to pay attention to your floor regularly and take care of daily maintenance. But how shall we pay attention to daily maintenance for your solid wood floor? Here are some tips may help you.

Keep humidity 
In people's mind, the cold temperature in winter makes floor crack, so they do rather to close window to stop the cold wind come inside the room. Actually the culprit of floor cracking is humidity not temperature. So it is not a matter whether the window is opened or closed, it's a matter how to keep room humidity is a relative stability. For sure open window frequently is not good because outside is much dryer than inside room, but always close window is also not good idea because inside heating system also makes room dry, by other hand, it is not good for family health. So correct thing is to open your window regularly but not so often just to change fresh air. The best way is to have a Humidifier to keep room humidity in a relative stability. The degree of 50% is a comfortable level for wooden floor.

No change temperature suddenly
Sudden temperature change is also the culprit of floor cracking. The temperature from winter to summer is high different, but why so much changing is not going to affect floor cracking? the reason is the temperature changing is very slow and smooth. The floor is "Acclimated" automatically. Nowadays more and more families are going to have inside heating system in winter, If the temperature increase too fast and too high, it will definitely affect floor cracking. The correct method is to raise  heating system temperature slowly, better to raise ten degree no less than one week, as well as shut down the heating system after winter. Another point is to keep a certain temperature not very high. A leverage of 22-30 degree is very suitable for your floor, and it is also very comfortable for your body.

Waxing and Polishing

Waxing and polishing are good method to floor maintenance, especially in winter it is very important method to avoid floor cracking. As we know the moisture is the main issue of floor cracking. In winter, the condition is very dry, so waxing is the "Coat" for wooden floor to keep the certain moisture inside the floor. By other hand, regular waxing and polishing can create a protection film on the top of the floor to prolong the lifetime of the floor. 

Waxing Engineered Hardwood 



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