Why Noise Comes from Installed Wooden Flooring

Did you ever hear noise comes from installed wooden floor? Yes, some people is disturbed by the noise from the wooden floor when they walk on. They claim to their suppliers ,It really makes trouble to both of user and supplier. Do you know why the noise comes from installed floor, especially wooden floor? Let's see below conditions what will cause the noise:

The Quality of Flooring Itself
Dimension stability is the main issue of floor noise, For solid wooden floor, the stability after installation is related to certain moisture content as well as Engineered Flooring, a certain moisture content is very important, For laminated flooring, the dimension will be changed due to the HDF is swelled if the HDF quality is not even enough. So you have to request supplier to provide related products test report to guarantee, It's better to send samples to lab for testing if condition allowed.

The Incorrect Installation Method
Before floor installation, the ground self leveling is requested, For wooden floor, the keels should be no more than 30cm from each line and the top level high deference should be no more than 0.1cm, the floor panels are nailed on the keels, the gap of each nail is no more than 30cm. For floating floor installation method, there are EVA foam as underlayment under the floor, Be sure there should be full spread underlayment before installation. An expansion gap from the wall edge is requested ,it should be no less than 10cm from each side. If flooring cover area more than 50sqms, An expansion line is necessary to separate the big area, there are many profile can be consider to cover the gap.

Engineered Flooring

The Wrong Maintenance

People used to clean ground with wet mopping, but be sure the mop can't wet too much to drop the water into the gap of the floor, otherwise the floor will get swelled by water dropping inside.

Temperature is also the reason makes flooring dimension unstable, In winter season, people like to keep room warm by ground heating system or air-conditioner. But room temperature changing often will make floor expanding and shrinking frequently.

How to avoid noise problem from wooden flooring? Since we have seen above reasons for the floor noise, it is not difficult to find solution to avoid this problem.

First of all is to choose good quality flooring, we'd better take care of the grade of wooden floor, the main quality standard should be followed strictly, Also we can request supplier to provide necessary quality certificate.

Secondly the correct installation method and correct daily maintenance is very important to prevent floor noise after installation, furthermore the using life of the flooring is depends on correct maintenance as well.

According to long time service experience from SensseFloor, Waxing edge from the wooden floor can improve noise problem very well, by other hand it is a good solution for water resistant of the wooden flooring. If you have any questions of wooden flooring, Please be free to contact our service team, we will try to provide solution.



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