The Rumors of Formaldehyde Degradation

Fruits and vegetables
Some people put some fruits and vegetables in the room, Yes, they smell very comfortable, but none of them can degrade formaldehyde, The fact is the pollution is covered by the sweet smell of fruits.

A basin of water
People knows formaldehyde is soluble in the water, so they assumed formaldehyde could be degraded by a basin of water in the room. But the fact is formaldehyde is very difficult to be absorbed by water in static status.

Burning of candles
Formaldehyde is an unstable matter, once the candle burning, some of formaldehyde transfers into formic acid, and the oxygen is reduced by the burning. By other hand ,other unhealthy matters will be released by the burning of candles. Of course it is a romantic time with the candle light in the night, isn't it .

OK, Let's back to the topic how to take correct action of formaldehyde degradation:

Ventilation is the most direct and economic solution to reduce the formaldehyde and other VOC after home decoration. It is very useful at the beginning. But since the VOC is coming out constantly, it needs long time for ventilation.

Physical Absorption
Activated carbon is the best physical absorption material to formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, and other toxic substances. The principle of absorption is there are many micro holes in the carbon, That's why the toxic substance can be absorbed. But the activated carbon has to be put in sunshine for exposure after some time's using to release absorbed toxic substances.

Plants Absorption

To put more green plants in the room is an aux solution to reduce the VOC after home decoration, But please remember that the absorption of plants is very limited, It's just considered for not too bad conditions, Otherwise the plants will be killed in very bad pollution.

Chemical Absorption
Nowadays there are many formaldehyde degraded products in the market, The representative is  "Photo-catalysis" products. The most of the toxic including formaldehyde and benzene can be decomposed into oxygen and carbon dioxide under the lighting.

Anyway, There are both advantage and weakness from above solutions for formaldehyde degradation. The best way is to keep your doors and windows open after home decoration, and put activated carbon and green plants in the room and move them to sunshine regularly.



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