What Kind of Flooring Do You Prefer

Do you have headache which kind of flooring you want to install in your new home? Do you have enough knowledge about different kinds of wooden floor? Herewith some floor information are shared, it might be helpful to you. Generally, there are four kinds of wooden floor in the market, They are: Solid hardwood floor, Three-layer floor, Engineered floor, and Laminated floor.

Solid Hardwood Floor
It is made by natural wood and has natural wood grain, It is the best choice for living room and sitting room. Because the material is natural wood, no glue and additive included, it is real eco friendly products.

It has good sound and heat insulation because of hardwood high density, Also solid wood can adjust and balance the room temperature in different seasons, in winter you don't feel very cold and in summer the temperature in the solid floor is 2-3 degree lower than ceramic tiles, so it is very comfortable to walk on it. Solid floor also can adjust Moisture content in the room, in dry season, the moisture inside solid wood is released to the room so the floor become dry, and in raining season, the solid hardwood can absorb a certain amount of moisture ,In this case the room moisture content is kept in a relative balance.

Since the solid floor has so much advantages , so the price is quite expensive than other floors, Also it requires higher level of installation and maintenance. You have to take more careful of daily maintenance like clean and waxing.

Three-layer Floor
Three layer flooring is very popular in European countries, it is made by three deferent wood layers cross pressed together, The top layer is the hardwood veneer whatever you like such as Oak,Teak,Walnut,... The core board is fast growing soft wood like pine and birch, and the back layer mostly is the rotary cutting poplar veneer. Three layer flooring has same surface effect as solid wood by more stability and more economy. Now this kind of flooring is more and more accepted by Chinese market.

Engineered Floor
Because the forest resource is over cutting and the cost of the hardwood is more and more expensive, engineered flooring is one kind of wooden floor with economical efficiency and eco friendly. It is made by multi layer plywood as core board, the main material is fast growing wood so we don't need to worry about the forest problem, The top veneer is 2-3mm hardwood has same wood efficiency as solid flooring. It is more stable than solid wood floor so it can be used on the ground heating system.

Laminated Floor
Laminated flooring is made by HDF as core board and decorative paper and wear-resistance paper as top layer, so it is real fake wooden floor. It has various of wood design because the top layer is decorative paper and top layer with special treatment the wear resistance is better than solid floor and engineered floor, by other hand the main material is HDF, the cost is much less than real wood itself. But the shortage is the formaldehyde problem because either the HDF and melamine glue which is the main blue for the laminate flooring, and the HDF is not water proof, so it is not introduced to humid environment.



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