Do You Think It Is A Quality Problem for The Knots On The Wooden Floor

Firstly let's see picture took from one of our floor projects, What do you think about the knots on the wooden floor? Do you think it is a quality problem? As a professional floor supplier, we have got a lot of complaint from after-sell service department, They were saying some customers don't accept the wooden floor knots and they don't know how to give them correct explanation to convenient them. So today, we'd like to share some information about the knots on the wooden floor.

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Why Knots

Let's see where the knot comes from, there are two ways that the knot comes from, one is from tree branches, another one is from wood scar. Please see this tree in the picture, there are a lots of branches on the trunk, we have to cut small branches from the trunk and cut the trunk to make the wooden floor, So the knot is come from the place where the branch was cut off. Normally this kind of knot is "live knot". Another kind of knot is from the tree scar, Once the tree trunk or skin was damaged, the transfer tube from the plant Nutrient delivery system is broken so the nutritive material will build up at the place where it is broken. So over time, the tree scar is there. Generally, the knot from the scar is "Dead knot".

Characteristic of the knot
There is a German proverb says: the strongest part of the trunk is the place where the scar is there. We know the trees grow in the natural is exposed in the wild and rain, so the trunk is always be hurt or damaged by nature forces, but they will always self-healed, and the scar is come from the place where it is damaged, Just like our body, once your skin is hurt by something, there will be a scar from the damaged place after some times. When you touch your scar, you will find it is harder than normal skin, That is to say the tree scar is always harder than other place of the wood, so the scar is naturally formed during the long growing history, that is the gift from the nature.

Live knot & Dead knot
Life knot has natural grain connect with surrounding structure, it has no crack and pith structure, and it has always one knot at one side of the floor surface, So the live knots are natural grain from the wood. Dead knot has pith structure homogeneously through the floor panel, it is always crack and separated from surrounding structure. So it has to be cavern out and covered with putty.

Since the wooden floor is made by natural timber, the color variation and natural knots unavoidable. Some customers are thinking the knots on the floor is the defects of the products. Actually it is a misunderstanding ,We'd like to appreciate the beauty of the nature, isn't it?


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