Care for Flooring before You Leave on Vacation

If you are going to have a vacation, there is something you need to pay attention. Generally speaking, you just take care whether the door was locked or unlocked. However, do you know that the flooring will be damaged by some factors? We want to make sure the floors last for the lifetime of the home and don’t succumb to damage that could have easily been avoided.

First of all, you need to check weather. The weather is in your hometown, not the vacationing spot. We all know how unpredictable temperature and humidity can be, so making sure you are prepared is an important part in the maintenance of your homes climate, and ensuring no damage comes to your floors. No matter what type of flooring covering you have, most materials react to climate, expanding or contracting. Keeping indoor temperature and humidity is very important.

Keep windows close! If the windows are opening, the rain will damage the goods include your Engineered Hardwood Flooring or laminate flooring. We have some consumers forgot close widows. They must spend money to repair the floorings.

Don’t turn the thermostat off. Many people will unplug things and turn everything else to off. This is a good habit, but you should keep the thermostat on.  Keeping in mind that your indoor temperature should remain anywhere between 65-75 degrees with a relative humidity level between 30%-50%, setting your homes thermostat to turn on if/when the temperature has a drastic change, is a crucial and completely necessary step in preventing damage to your floors while you're away.  Your thermostat should be thought of as your single and only line of defense to unwanted floor damage and buckling while you're away.


How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Different type of finish of hardwood flooring has the different cleaning requirement. No matter it is engineered wood flooring or solid flooring, the finish is the key. In most cases, regardless of what type of flooring you have or how it has been finished, you flooring will be easy to keep looking for many years.

Comparing with carpets, Engineered Wood Flooring and solid flooring is low maintenance. In life, the best way to keep flooring cleaning is not to make a mess of it in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, and when you are going to repair, it is too late.

You can put door mats at the door, which will do a lot to reduce the amount of mess, but will also prevent potentially harmful things like grit and gravel from getting to your real or engineered wood flooring. Water will cause some problems, so you should wipe it immediately.

Dust should be swept off with a soft broom or carefully vacuumed away. Dampish mop is suitable for engineered hardwood flooring. It is easy to clean the flooring by the floor cleaner. However, hardwood flooring is a natural product, you had better to use the good quality cleaner.

If you have an oiled wood flooring finish, then you should clean in practically the same as you wood a lacquered floor but take extra care when choosing a cleaning product. Oiled floors are at risk of having their finish striped away by certain cleaning products, even if those products might be safe for other finishes.
Flooring Maintenance

Which Kind of Keel for Wooden Floor

Does it need keels for every kinds of wooden floor installation? Which kind of keels for wooden floor? How to use keels for wooden floor installation? You may ask these questions when you want to install wooden floor. Before answer these questions ,we'd like to know different kind of wooden flooring and which kind of flooring needs keels for installation.

Different kinds of wooden floor,
There are mainly three kind of wooden flooring: Laminated flooring; Engineered wooden flooring; and Solid hardwood flooring. Normally, people don't use keels for floor thickness less than 12mm, Most of the laminated flooring and some kind of engineered wooden flooring which the thickness is less than 12mm is not necessary to use keels, they are installed with "Floating style", or glue down with special glue. But Solid wooden floor and most of the engineered wooden floor the thick is more than 15mm, the keels are necessary for installation.

Two kinds of keel system,
Generally speaking, the keel system is to firstly install the keels on the ground, then put the floors on the keels with nails or other kind of accessories. The thickness of the keels is 3-5cm.

To make the installation ground more flat and strong, sometimes an additional layer of plywood panel is covered on the keels. The wooden floor then installed on the top of this plywood ground. It makes easier for floor installation and foot feeling is better than the floor directly installed on the keels. Of course the cost will be higher.

Tips of keels,
The material of keels is mostly pine and fir wood, because they are more stable than other wood, If the wood is too hard, it will be difficult to nail the floor on the keels.

The size of the row space is 35mm for solid wooden floor which the thickness is 15-18mm, but for 14-15mm thickness engineered wooden floor, the row space is better to be 30cm in order to have enough support to the floor.

Please don't forget to leave 10-15mm gaps from the wall when the keels is installed, this is called " Expansion gap", it is not only for expansion purpose, but also for aeration.

Make sure the top level of the keels is flat enough, the high and low difference from the top level of the keels should no more than 5mm. Otherwise it will make you headache after floor installations.

To master more knowledge is helpful to your life, isn't it?

Keel Installation for engineered wooden floor

Flooring Maintenance

Is It Nothing To Do After Floor Installation

Solid wooden floor or Engineer wooden floor is the main floor covering material for home decoration, It's luxury and natural looking of cause is quite expensive, so how to keep your wooden floor in good condition is very important. As we know  we have to choose a good quality wooden floor, and correct installation method by professional team.

Is it nothing to do after installation? Actually the daily maintenance is also very important for the life time of the wooden flooring. There are some key points we should take care of after floor installation.

How to clean
For daily cleaning, just use wet mop but no water dropping to clean the floating dust , it's better to mop the floor from one direction to another, normally is from window to the door. You may be suggested to use few drops of floor cleaner in the water for mopping, so that the floor is easy to be clean and floating dust is not easy to stay anymore.

After that please check from the floor if there are any oil stain or urine stain from pets, if so you have to use cleaner or soup to clean them, But please don't forget to mop again with wet mop from the place where the cleaner is used.

engineered hardwood flooring

In humid season, it is easy for bacteria to grow in the gap of the floor and under the floor, Because when we come from outside the bacteria is carried with other dust outside and stay in the gap of the wooden floor and furniture, once the temperature and humidity is in a certain level, the bacteria is going to grow. So a regular anti bacteria treatment is considered for daily floor maintenance. There are a lot of anti bacteria products in the market, you may choose correct one to use.

Can you Polish

To protect the surface of wooden floor, Regular polish with was is the most important. But do you know how to polish your wooden floor? is it simple? Yes, it is not very difficult but there are two points need to be taken care of.

The first is don't polish on wet floor, Please wait some time after the floor mopping, once the floor surface is dry enough, you can polish the floor, otherwise the wax polished on the floor surface is very weak, is easy to remove, worth than that  a certain amount of moisture will be kept inside the wax polish, It's the main problem that hurt the floor surface coating.

The second is the place where is cleaned by using special cleaner where is stained by oil or another, be sure the stained place is clean enough and dry enough, then polish the floor, otherwise there will be white spots appeared after some times.

Beside above mentioned notes we should take care of for daily maintenance, we should take more care of the wooden floor in some special seasons, because the wooden floor is made by natural wood, It is material from the nature, so it is weak against environment change. For example in winter season it cold and dry, and in rainy season it is hot and humid. There should be different treatment to the floor. Let's discuss in later stage.

Flooring Maintenance

Tips to Aoid Solid Floor Cracking in Winter

So annoy the solid wood floor got cracked in winter due to the hard acclimate, you know there is cold and dry and sometimes so windy in winter season. people may think the floor quality problem or wrong installation make floor cracking, Actually, most of time the floor problem is caused by wrong maintenance after installation. So it is very important to pay attention to your floor regularly and take care of daily maintenance. But how shall we pay attention to daily maintenance for your solid wood floor? Here are some tips may help you.

Keep humidity 
In people's mind, the cold temperature in winter makes floor crack, so they do rather to close window to stop the cold wind come inside the room. Actually the culprit of floor cracking is humidity not temperature. So it is not a matter whether the window is opened or closed, it's a matter how to keep room humidity is a relative stability. For sure open window frequently is not good because outside is much dryer than inside room, but always close window is also not good idea because inside heating system also makes room dry, by other hand, it is not good for family health. So correct thing is to open your window regularly but not so often just to change fresh air. The best way is to have a Humidifier to keep room humidity in a relative stability. The degree of 50% is a comfortable level for wooden floor.

No change temperature suddenly
Sudden temperature change is also the culprit of floor cracking. The temperature from winter to summer is high different, but why so much changing is not going to affect floor cracking? the reason is the temperature changing is very slow and smooth. The floor is "Acclimated" automatically. Nowadays more and more families are going to have inside heating system in winter, If the temperature increase too fast and too high, it will definitely affect floor cracking. The correct method is to raise  heating system temperature slowly, better to raise ten degree no less than one week, as well as shut down the heating system after winter. Another point is to keep a certain temperature not very high. A leverage of 22-30 degree is very suitable for your floor, and it is also very comfortable for your body.

Waxing and Polishing

Waxing and polishing are good method to floor maintenance, especially in winter it is very important method to avoid floor cracking. As we know the moisture is the main issue of floor cracking. In winter, the condition is very dry, so waxing is the "Coat" for wooden floor to keep the certain moisture inside the floor. By other hand, regular waxing and polishing can create a protection film on the top of the floor to prolong the lifetime of the floor. 

Waxing Engineered Hardwood 

Flooring Maintenance


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