Choosing Flooring for Commercial Areas

How to pick the flooring to make the place perfect. Which kind of flooring is better? Which materials are the most affordable. Here are some basic tips.

It is very difficult to distinguish the difference between Vinyl Flooring and traditional solid wood flooring. Vinyl flooring has about half life expectancy of solid wood flooring. This is a better choice for office and business areas. These places have the large human traffic.

Solid wood flooring is traditional, classic and durable. Unlike many other types of floors, solid wood flooring can last for decades. This kind of flooring is more suitable for home decoration. From long-term investments, vinyl flooring and carpet can save more money and can get the same effect.

Cork flooring is one of the most sustainable office flooring options available. This Eco-friendly product is good for more than just establishing and environmentally sound company. Cork flooring is also an excellent alternative for office.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring also is a good choice for commercial areas. It is waterproof and sound-resisting. Engineered wood flooring is cheaper than solid wood flooring, but can endure the large human traffic. If you have any further questions about picking the right type of flooring for your building, or need information on a specific type of plank style, contact us for immediate assistance.

Grading of Flooring

Options for Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered Oak Flooring is a timeless choice, and it has been overtaken from time to time by trends. No matter where the rooms are traditional or modern, engineered oak flooring can match with the surrounding environmental. No matter how much temperature and moisture fluctuation your room suffers, engineered oak flooring can put up with it.

Engineered oak flooring is really nice golden option to choose from. Engineered hardwood flooring that is made of recycled material is not a good choice. New material engineered oak flooring looks as if it has already had a long and happy life. However, the reclaimed style of flooring suits virtually any interior, it works best in a more relaxed setting than a room or home that's too formal.

There is a range of oak floors to choose. From light golden to dark golden, there really is something to suit every requirement here. No matter whether your preference is for lacquered or oiled, the choice you will find in this range is sure to please.

Do you know what is smoked engineered oak flooring? A treatment that was known for making wood look darker than it was before it was treated. There is a whole host of light and dark smoked floors here. The great thing about smoked finish flooring is that it has such an interesting surface that you literally want to reach down and touch. Actually, Senssewood offers kinds of engineered oak flooring, you can choose it according to your requirements.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring For Pets

No matter your home is traditional or modern, Engineered Hardwood Flooring is a timeless choice. It is a wise option that has stood the test of time because it is so natural and so neutral, it has been overtaken from time to time by trends. However, if you have pets, covering decoration is a question. Engineered hardwood flooring can live in harmony with your hardwood floors.

The styles and colors of engineered hardwood flooring can be used throughout the home, even in the likes of bathrooms and kitchens. Engineered hardwood flooring has lower sheen so it helps to hide the dents and scratches that pets can put on your floor. In fact, this is one of the things that makes engineered hardwood flooring so very appealing. If the floor was griped by pets, the combination of high-power pot lights and a glossy floor will magnify every dent and scratch. Dark engineered hardwood flooring can visually hide the fine marks that animals' claws can leave on wood floors over time, and choosing a lower-gloss finish can reduce the appearance of scratches and dents.

When you choose the engineered hardwood flooring, you should look for hardwood flooring with high grade. The high grade of engineered hardwood is, the more resistant the wood will be to scratches and wear. It is great for pets owners because a dent or scratch doesn't detract from beauty.

Senssewood offers high grade engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered wood flooring and engineered oak flooring that meet sustainable Standards, and we also guarantee the finish against manufacturing defects and flaws in the applications.


Why Choose Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Senssewood

Senssewood is a professional Engineered Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer, designer and innovator with worldwide influence. During past years, we support a lot of top quality projects all over the world, consider that the aim of completing a successful project is to optimize the relationship between value and cost, we are always seeking appropriate solutions and recommend suitable products for every customer. We offer engineered hardwood flooring what is attractiveness, durability, and long-lasting value to your property, and we deliver them at the best possible price.

Engineered hardwood flooring is our main product. It is versatile and innovative, allowing you to install your chosen color, finish, and surface texture in areas where solid hardwood is not recommended. This means you get the effect you want without having to worry as much about the moisture levels and temperatures in your space. Engineered hardwood floors free up your options and let your creativity lead the way.

The benefits of using engineered wood floors include more resistance to slightly lower and higher moisture levels than solid wood flooring, which adds to their appeal to use in damp basements or in regions of the country that has higher or lower than normal relatives humidity levels, so engineered wood flooring is better for below-grade installations - basements, where dampness is common.

For most customers, they thought engineered hardwood flooring is suitable for them because of its price, color and pattern. Its pattern and colors are close to the solid flooring, but the price is lower than solid. In the world, more and more people begin to use engineered hardwood flooring.


Do You Think It Is A Quality Problem for The Knots On The Wooden Floor

Firstly let's see picture took from one of our floor projects, What do you think about the knots on the wooden floor? Do you think it is a quality problem? As a professional floor supplier, we have got a lot of complaint from after-sell service department, They were saying some customers don't accept the wooden floor knots and they don't know how to give them correct explanation to convenient them. So today, we'd like to share some information about the knots on the wooden floor.

engineered hardwood flooring

Why Knots

Let's see where the knot comes from, there are two ways that the knot comes from, one is from tree branches, another one is from wood scar. Please see this tree in the picture, there are a lots of branches on the trunk, we have to cut small branches from the trunk and cut the trunk to make the wooden floor, So the knot is come from the place where the branch was cut off. Normally this kind of knot is "live knot". Another kind of knot is from the tree scar, Once the tree trunk or skin was damaged, the transfer tube from the plant Nutrient delivery system is broken so the nutritive material will build up at the place where it is broken. So over time, the tree scar is there. Generally, the knot from the scar is "Dead knot".

Characteristic of the knot
There is a German proverb says: the strongest part of the trunk is the place where the scar is there. We know the trees grow in the natural is exposed in the wild and rain, so the trunk is always be hurt or damaged by nature forces, but they will always self-healed, and the scar is come from the place where it is damaged, Just like our body, once your skin is hurt by something, there will be a scar from the damaged place after some times. When you touch your scar, you will find it is harder than normal skin, That is to say the tree scar is always harder than other place of the wood, so the scar is naturally formed during the long growing history, that is the gift from the nature.

Live knot & Dead knot
Life knot has natural grain connect with surrounding structure, it has no crack and pith structure, and it has always one knot at one side of the floor surface, So the live knots are natural grain from the wood. Dead knot has pith structure homogeneously through the floor panel, it is always crack and separated from surrounding structure. So it has to be cavern out and covered with putty.

Since the wooden floor is made by natural timber, the color variation and natural knots unavoidable. Some customers are thinking the knots on the floor is the defects of the products. Actually it is a misunderstanding ,We'd like to appreciate the beauty of the nature, isn't it?
Grading of Flooring

Grading of Wooden Flooring

What's your main concern when you buy wooden flooring from the market? Price, Quality, or Design? Actually there are no products is cheap but with high quality, everybody knows that the price is related to reasonable quality, How many information do you know about wooden flooring? How to know different grade of wooden flooring ? below some knowledge may help you.

In wooden flooring industry, people use "ABCD" to distinguish different grade of the wooden flooring, Actually, this grading system is not standard for floor quality, A good quality flooring should be in good condition of dimension stability, in a certain level of moisture content, A hardness of surface treatment...etc. Here called "ABCD" is the grade of wood grain appearance. For natural wood, there is different wood grain between core material and the periphery of the wood, In the middle of the wood, the grain is more clear and natural than wood periphery, and there are more knots and cracks.

   Live Knot 

   Dead Knot

Actually, there are no standard grade rules for the wooden flooring , but each floor companies has their own grade rules , Here are the grade rules from SensseWood for your reference:


   crack with putty

Should be in the middle part of the timber in good grain appearance. The wood grain is clear enough, no sapwood, no crack. The live knot less than 3mm is accepted, but dead knots and black line are not acceptable.

Natural black line, live knots and dead knots less than 5mm is accepted. No stain, no color change, no sapwood, no pine hole and rot.

Accept black line, color stained, and live knots. sapwood and dead knots less than 30%.

Accept color change, sapwood, and live knots. Cracks and dead knots with putty is also accepted.

Hope above description of the grade rules may be helpful to you to get more knowledge of wooden flooing.

Grading of Flooring


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