We Have Dreams For The New Year

Do you have dreams? What's your dream for the new year? Do you know how to make your dream comes true? With these thoughts, all the members of SensseWood sat together to think about their dreams. OK, please close your eyes, Just think about how many goals couldn't be achieved what you have dreamed in the past year. How many regrets you have had in the past year what you have promised to you or to your family. There are too much too much things you need to rethink about...

Now, Let's open eyes, it is very simple to take a pen and one piece of paper, Just to write on the paper what you want in the new year. It could be a promise to your family, could be a promise to yourself. Also it could be a good wishes to your friends, or to your parents. Just write down one by one...one ,two , three...It is not difficult to be ten, even more than .

Is it too much for you to achieve all these points in the new year? Yes, it's too much, let's cut some points that is not so important which will not affect your life if it couldn't be done. Is it enough? Just rethink about the things you wrote which is easy to achieve ,not challenge you to touch the goal at all, OK, just cancel it, Because the dream is not so easy to achieve.

What's the dream? Dream is a springboard to reality, You should keep climbing up once you target something, if the dream is the what can't be given by reality even you are working very hard, for example don't like to work or the dreams of winning the lottery. OK, just cancel it.

We have a dream

Now look at your paper, please look again the points remain on the paper, please tell to yourself, is it the only one you will persist in, no matter you are happy or sad, even in a very hard condition, in the misunderstanding, puzzle, and disappointed, you are not going to give up, That's it, this the real dream you are willing to pay your full efforts to achieve. That's it!

We have dreams, we know that's it, that's the source of our target in the new year, Thus we are very clear what we have to do for the next, and would like to pay our full efforts to make our dreams come ture.

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